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The human world-existing,emerging and probable-being driven and transformed by technology,and by digitized ICTs,in particular.
Virtual environment composed and developed by internet and digital devices.

About the Author

Rotimi Sheriffdeen Omosewo,an architect cum computer scientist is a web designer/developer,software developer,data analyst(Excel),Cad(computer Aided Design) and a freelancer.i also have a passion for python,wordpress,mobirise and php(laravel).i love hanging out 
with my friends,watching football and reading novels.i am currently available for freelance work.
if you would like to hire me,please use contact form below to get in touch with me.


Computer Scientist/Developer

Unlimited Sites

Website design for home,commercial,office,e-commerce,business website

Software Develpment

The practice or organising the design and construction of software for school,company,bank and other


A freelancer who specialize in writing project,article,programming(laravel,wordpress,,


To accomplish preliminart design and layouts,design details and working

Circle progress bars performance

Digital World Information has provided for website developers a growing library of modern blocks which can be used either partially or in full for every website developed through the builder.


Website Designer


Software Developer    




Data Science


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